Introducing Compose Solutions 

14 July 2016

Over the years we have developed quite a few printing related applications; today on this presentation we will focus mainly on applications that will see us through the next phase of digital revolution. We strongly believe automation should be applied where necessary, not because of shortage of skill labor but mainly on the rising cost. 


spot matcher

Following the trend where Inkjet printer is soon becoming a standard in some printing sector, they are much more economical to run. Our solutions will also try to gear us towards meeting some of the special requirement on finishing, stepping up our focus on automation and enhanced productivity in that area too.

We have our EWF workflow which will continuously play a part to integrate some of the unique modules, automating some of the busy process in a structured manner.

Quickfit on its own is an automatic process to gang jobs together, optimizing jobs put together based on the job size and print counts. We plans to add features that will help printing with varnish and gold foiling. Making the end product looks good and attractive, but without too many labor on the job.

Velocity is putting variable data elements together on a design, either for label, hang tags or greeting cards. But we will step up Velocity for other area such as mailing, greeting card printing, suitable for Inkjet printing, in line with the digital printing which everyone is talking about.

TagEngine v1.0

Not just printing for labels or Hang Tags, our solution is now covering ganging for cartoons, boxes, and irregular shape on greeting cards.


Compose is keen to give our digital printers what they need.

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