icon expressrip v1Compose Express RIP is the OEM version of Harlequin Scriptwork RIP, it provides exceptionally fast and efficient rendering for high-volume printing. Easy to integrate into your workflow it is proven to be the fastest renderer available, with no compromise on quality, enabling you to achieve rated engine speed with less processing power. And it makes it possible for you to minimize the hardware and development costs of for your frontend, shorten development cycles and get your printed matter to market quicker.

HarlequinRIPlogo It comes with a wide variety of screening, suited for traditional AM screening or FM screening for different inkjet printer, in recent years Harlequin also offer Modulated screening (HXM) and Multilevel Digital Screening to meet the market expectation.

Harlequin also offers SetGold, to enable you to setup for highly accurate and stable color printing. Use it before profiling your device to record ink limit and gray balance data for your profile generation . Express RIP can then create a color configuration that is more than acceptable when printing using that media. ICC profile is a popular option with the RIP for the proofing market.

Version 11 The RIP can also be optimized to speed up the processing of variable data saved either as PDF/VT or as regular PDF via a unique feature called Harlequin VariData™ which intelligently recognizes variable data and static backgrounds and only renders an image when it needs to rather than every time it appears on the page. Available in internal and external modes: the internal mode provides easy entry for digital press vendors into VDP optimization; the external mode achieves maximum performance by using vendor-supplied post RIP re-composition technology.

Over a long period of time, Compose has been integrating Express RIP with Hardware interface cards driving different high speed output devices, and driver development to drive most of the popular Inkjet or toner based machine. For further detail on other RIP features please read other articles from this column. 



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