VeriPak 3D is a solution consisting of the visualization on packaging products, as well as a editing tool called VeriPak Cut which intends to clean up die cut lines, reducing the unnecessary dots to speed up the cutting process. At the same time, it can be used to find cutting lines which supposed to be joined, but do not appear to be the case on the drawing. Hence by automating this process higher productivity will result in speeding up the work. 

VeriPak 3D is a complete 3D visualisation tool for graphics professionals in the print, packaging and labelling industry. Veripak 3D is designed to provide close communication between creative professionals and clients from product conception through to final client approval and print.



Client side 3D visualisation can be run on any browser. Clients interact with the 3D animation using a range of advanced tools from linear or stepped animation through to peeling away surfaces to view inside the 3D simulation.

Designers are free to experiment with the design and detect potential problems at an early stage in the process. With PDF/ PS input, the designer can also detect potential print production problems and alter his design accordingly.

The designer simply uploads the original file eg. PDF to the VeriPak3D server running on a local computer (intranet) or anywhere on the web (internet).


VeriPak Cut

Designers are advised to pre-flight all their jobs with VeriPak Cut, making sure computer generated die cut lines can be kept with as little as possible with dots. More dots will result slower cutting process. Where there are many straight lines along a curvature, they should be streamlined by replacing with Bezier curve. That will smooth the curvature to provide a better looking product.

Another useful feature would be finding out where it should be a loop, but it doesn’t join. VeriPak cut will highlight the loop with both ends separated, providing simple tool to bring them together.

Web based Inspection System

A key part of VeriPak 3D, is a section which is a web based inspection system focus in identify errors during the design stage, by highlighting places where the system identify are questionable, production people can rectify the error before moving on to the next stage. Saving a lot of unnecessary argument later on.

VeriPak 3D augments and replaces some of the visual inspection methods requiring deep levels of concentration by QA professionals. The QA cycle and process time is considerably reduced with associated cost savings in time and materials.

With comparison functions being done on a networked server, it provides flexibility in working methods and practices. Greatly improve efficiency in any work place.

VeriPak 3D also incorporates an automated approval system. System checked files with no differences can be automatically approved and sent to their final destination.


Veripak Server

Come as a total package, VeriPak offers a server solution which operators can share the contents between themselves. It works as an intranet between the operators inside the office, but internet through browsers outside the office.

A range of functions including tools to automatically detect folds, creases and cuts, allows fast and automated construction of the 3D model. For complex models, the designer can zoom in to more than 100,000% to quickly detect areas requiring fine tuning. The finished model is saved back to the server and is immediately available to the client for 3D visualisation.

The printer also benefits, knowing when the job is approved, viewing the final 3D model and being able to communicate back to the designer for potential print production related issues. Veripak 3D is a total 3D visualisation solution designed for close and effective cooperation between designer, client and printer.


Key features

  • 3D visualisation across the web using the latest web browser technology – requires no special viewer, plugin or proprietary format/interface
  • Simple Design application:
    – accepts industry standard PDF/PS/EPS from many competing design packages
    – accepts RIPed, 1Bit TIFF files for CTP or proofing devices
  • Platform independent – works across different devices and operating systems (MAC/PC, iPAD/ iPhone, Android pad/phone, Unix & Linux)
  • Designer has full control and presentation of 3D mockup visuals
  • Different animation styles with support for material thicknesses and special effects for varnishes and foils
  • Unique ‘see through’ using zoom function or transparent surfaces
  • Automatic detection of cuts, creases and folds on file upload supplemented with a 3D editor for complex shapes with irregular cutouts
  • Allows multiple product designs in the same job - user simply advances to the next product
  • Simple, easy to use and common user interface across all devices
Advanced Options

Annotation tools with a structured cycle of new, with comments, approved and closed give an accurate and secure record of the design and approval process across multiple versions. C sync technology allows the designer to work remotely with clients across the web in real time.

All connected individuals contribute to the process using white-boarding and many other tools to control display visuals.

A PDF pre-flight option allows potential print production problems to be isolated and rectified at source.

Output to cff2 and other vector formats for die-cutting systems. A labelling option allows input from a library of 3D shapes to visualise the label on the finished product Bespoke 3D shape creation service to suit client requirements.

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